Key Notes

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  1. Tai E Trading has the capability in providing the services as stated below:

  1. Importer, Exporter and Manufacturer's sales representation of related  systems and products

  2. Knowledge in application of Export License of Foreign governments and Import License of R.O.C. government

  3. Experience in agreements and contracts negotiation with varied customers

  4. Industrial cooperation (offset) program with military contracts

  5. Local support including fielding support, subcontractors, management, and coordination with other venders

  6. Assistance and business management in system integration, technology transfers etc.

  1. The management, sales and engineering personnel maintain excellent technical knowledge and practical experience in handling of sophisticated systems/ equipments as well as the capability of providing advisory service, technical assistance to the customers.

  2. The company has the capability to provide culture, regulation and related service to Foreign Principals.